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  • Top reasons to buy a Vauxhall

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    Vauxhall is one of the most well-known brands in the motor industry with its range of vehicles and models. Whether it is the fun Corsa or efficient Insignia, they have built up quite a roster of household names over the years. If you are looking at buying a vehicle and are thinking of Vauxhall, here's a few reasons why they should be top of your list:

    Great value

    One of the things most people love about a Vauxhall is the value for money they give. The superb prices you can pick a Vauxhall up for makes them a very attractive proposition especially for anyone working to a budget. What is really impressive is that this amazing value for money doesn't come at the expense of the design quality or features included.

    Choice of models to suit everyone

    As one of the largest car manufacturers on the planet, Vauxhall have a wide range of models to suit many different individual needs. This includes many best-loved names such as the already mentioned Corsa and Insignia along with the Astra. When you add in compact SUVs like the Mokka or the fleet of work vans they offer, then it is easy to see why they are loved by so many.


    One of the big plus points when you buy a Vauxhall is that you know you are getting a vehicle that won't let you down or leave you stranded by the roadside. The superior design and workmanship that goes into every Vauxhall mean you are guaranteed a car or van that you can always rely on.

    In fact, Vauxhall recently came 4th in the latest Telegraph Top 20 Car Brands For Reliability rankings ( Coming in ahead of some other big names, it shows they are widely recognised for this feature.

    Fun to drive

    As well as all the practical considerations above, it's often noted that Vauxhalls are simply fun to drive. Their models are renowned for having sleek, elegant looks and a certain style that makes you feel good while driving, thanks in no small part to their great handling and responsive brakes. The fact the Vauxhall Astra was the winner of the European Car of the Year in 2016 shows this a car people just love to drive around in.

    If you're convinced your next car will be a Vauxhall, then why not browse our range today? Our website has the latest models we have in stock or you can call in to see us in person at our showroom in Louth. We will be only too happy to help find you your perfect Vauxhall!