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  • The perfect Audi is waiting

    Audi TT RS

    It’s common knowledge that new cars lose a large part of their value the moment you drive them off the lot, but that knowledge doesn’t dampen the desire for a beautiful luxury vehicle. That’s where Thompson & Smith comes in. If you’re looking for a used Audi in Lincolnshire and need great financing, you’ll find everything you want right here.

    Thompson & Smith has a pair of fabulous low mileage Audis in stock. From a slick and sporty Audi TTS with a gleaming white exterior and beautiful leather trim, to a show-stopping Audi RS5 in jaw-dropping Sepang blue, your perfect car is here waiting.

    Not only will you find your perfect used car, you’ll be able to buy it at an unbeatable price. Used cars represent incredible value for money – all of that luxury mark-up is gone and you’re left with a fair price for a fantastic car. Thompson & Smith are specialists in used prestige cars; when you get a quote from us, you know you’re getting the best deals for the best used Audis on the market.

    Not only can anyone looking for a used Audi in Louth or Lincolnshire come here for a fabulous car at a great price, we’re experts at helping you pay for it. Thompson & Smith are committed to value for money motoring – we’ve made our name on it – and with extensive experience as finance specialists we’re happy to offer a huge range of used finance packages. We’ll find a way to make your dream car work for your wallet by designing a payment plan that fits your monthly budget. We’ll go out of our way to finance your used Audi, stretching repayments across as long five years to keep your monthly bills down and your Audi easily affordable.