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  • Vauxhall cars: the most reliable on the market

    Vauxhall Reliable
    Vauxhall vehicles have always had a reputation for reliability, although a recent study undertaken by those engineering experts over in Germany has confirmed it: Vauxhall cars are among the most reliable vehicles on the market.
    In the event of breakdown or serious issue with a brand new vehicle, it’s reassuring to know that a Vauxhall warranty literally lasts a lifetime for the first-time owner, for a maximum of 100,000 miles.
    The most reliable Vauxhall vehicles
    The research, undertaken by a leading continental breakdown specialist, found that the Vauxhall Meriva ranked at the top in terms of having substantially less breakdowns than the average large van-like car – although it wasn’t the only high-ranked Vauxhall.
    The Corsa has long been acknowledged as being a reliable runner and attained similar results, closely followed by the Astra and Zafira, which both achieved top evaluation grades.
    What about second hand vehicles?
    The good news for those in the market for a used vehicle is that the reliability of a Vauxhall means that the buyer needn’t worry too much about running into problems – even without a lifetime Vauxhall warranty.
    The majority of used car dealers will offer competitive warranties (often with 12 months as standard) dependant on the age of the vehicle, which can be extended for as little as 39p per day.
    Is a used Vauxhall the way forward?
    Obviously it’s very much a case of taking things on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, although there can be no denying that Vauxhall cars are hard-wearing.
    If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, don’t rule other makers out, however. It’s possible to find good aftercare packages and warranties on Volkswagens, Fiats, Peugeots, Suzukis and much, much more – put simply, it pays to shop around and consult an experienced used car dealership that won’t give you the hard sell in order to find a good deal.