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  • Buying a car in the New Year? Assess your needs

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    The New Year is finally upon us and it's a great time to start looking around for a new car. With a bit more spare cash after Christmas, not to mention a bit more free time, January is the ideal month to consider what the forthcoming year might bring your way - and what kind of car will benefit you.

    Buying a car can be a costly investment and it is all too easy to buy a vehicle that looks great but that doesn’t meet your needs on a practical level. It makes sense to consider how you will be using your vehicle in the present but also any potential changes going forward - are you planning to start a family or will you be switching careers and need to commute longer distances? All these things should be factored in when you buy a new car.

    The initial assessment

    Consider if the car is going to be used on a daily basis and if it will be mainly you driving it as well as the number of passengers. Do you need plenty of room in the boot and is fuel economy important to you? If you live in the countryside, you need to consider whether a four-wheel drive would be beneficial especially in icy or snowy conditions.

    Know your budget

    When car shopping, it’s tempting to stretch the budget sometimes but don’t. Set a maximum figure and stick to it. You may be able to finance the purchase but there is little point over-stretching yourself. Take a look at the makes and models of interest and then search for any deals.

    Keep your options open

    You may have your heart set on a certain class of vehicle but don’t overlook other options. You may be surprised that a similar car may provide you with all that you need at a cost that is just right. To do this, list your priorities and go car shopping with this in mind.

    Test drive

    You should never buy a vehicle without setting up a test drive and, if possible, take someone with you who will share their own viewpoints about the vehicle. After all, you want to buy a car that truly satisfies and one that you are happy with in the long term. Some cars will feel right when you are driving them and others will not; a test drive enables you to make an informed choice. Try to organise the test drive over the route you normally take and this will give you a much better idea if the car handles well. Don’t just sit in the front but check out the back too, this is important if you will be carrying passengers.

    Always stay focused during any test drive and take your time to review the vehicle. With our used cars in Lincolnshire, you can find the perfect new car for the new year. Contact us today and we'll help you find the right vehicle.