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  • Time to say goodbye to Vauxhall's Meriva?

    goodbye to meriva

    Given the popularity of its Mokka and Antara, it’s no surprise that when it came time to update their range, Vauxhall decided that the Meriva needed a complete makeover. The face-lifted new arrival is to be called the Crossland X, and has been sent in the direction of the Mokka. There are some quite significant changes, meaning that this is going to be a vehicle targeting both the SUV and MPV markets.

    Initially announced by Opel, the European counterpart of Vauxhall, at 2016’s Paris Motor Show, the Crossland X is to be classed as a crossover utility vehicle, or CUV, with the Insignia taking on the brand’s SUV flag. With these crossover vehicles rapidly gaining a decent market share, Vauxhall admit that they might be entering the party a little late, but they’re keen to make up for lost time.

    First looks make it very clear that this is a Vauxhall, with its distinctive grille, slimline headlights, and the running lights which we all know from the design of the new Astra. Also borrowed from the Astra are the angular C panels, and the narrow black pillar strip which makes it look like the roof is floating above the car. The back of the car has higher set rear lighting, and a tailgate which has a practical squared-off finish, indicating that Vauxhall are focusing on maximising usable boot space, rather than rounding off the edges. Customisation fans will also like the unusual alloy wheels, which were spotted on the prototype.

    This is just the start of something new for Vauxhall, with replacements for the Meriva and Zafira confirming last year that they had already got the proverbial wheels in motion for a dedicated SUV at their plant in Russelsheim in Germany, with plans to release it to the public in 2020. This SUV’s arrival should signal the end for the Antara, forming part of Vauxhall’s master plan to overhaul its range and provide 27 new models, and 17 brand new engines.