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  • Major savings at the Thompson and Smith Christmas Sale

    Thompson and Smith Xmas picure

    Christmas is just around the corner and, with seasonal goodwill in the air, Lincolnshire’s largest non-Vauxhall dealer is giving you the opportunity to buy your loved ones a big present this year. Or buy one for yourself, if you’d rather.

    Launching the day after Boxing Day, the Thompson and Smith huge Christmas Sale will see deals across a wide range of vehicles, with literally thousands of pounds worth of Savings to be made. There will be no better time this year or the next to buy a car.

    Take, for instance, the 65 reg new model Corsas, with delivery mileage only, that are going to be offered from just £7,995 . You can Save up to an astonishing £5,135 off new price – enough to take your family on a few grand holidays in 2016.

    But that’s not the only 65 reg deal we can offer with a choice of Vivas, Astras and Mokkas available with Savings of up to 50% off new price.

    We will also be offering great value, low mileage part exchanges, all with RAC warranties from less than £4,000.

    And on top of all this, you’ll have the assurance that you’re being served by a team of professionals who’ve been working together for years, and in some cases decades. We know our stuff about cars and can guarantee that these vehicles are the best on offer!

    So come to the Thompson and Smith Sale starting 27th December and drive away happy this Christmas.