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  • Buying a car as a Christmas gift

    christmas car sales

    We have seen the adverts: the curtains open on Christmas morning, it has snowed and miraculously a shiny new car has appeared wrapped in a giant red bow. There is no doubt about it - this would be a fabulous way to start your Christmas morning, but do people really buy cars as Christmas gifts?

    It does happen sometimes, although December is not necessarily the most popular time to buy a new car. We have a perception of goods as being cheaper in the months just following Christmas. With an expensive purchase like a new car, who wouldn't have their eye out for a bargain?

    That said, a new car makes an exciting Christmas present, so why not splash out to make the day a little bit more special? If you have decided to go ahead with a Christmas car purchase, you need to think about the following things:

    1. Delivery times

    Make sure from the first time you meet the dealer that he is aware that the car is going to be a Christmas present.

    2. Delivery logistics

    You will need to work with your dealer to ensure a discreet delivery. Make sure you don't have any giveaway paperwork delivered to your address and allow yourself time to organise the presentation of your surprise.

    3. Christmas styling

    This may be a Christmas present, but it is hopefully going to be used all year round, so don't be tempted to opt for a colour that might entertain the recipient on Christmas morning but annoy them for the rest of the year.

    Giving a car as a Christmas present is definitely an option to consider. It's true that cars can be purchased during any month, but timing can be everything, and this gift would be a great way to show someone how much you care. Call us today.